Tuesday, 18 June 2013

The Right Size!!

With the right measurement, you always get your RIGHT Premium Beautiful Corset set!

Why whenever you are interested to buy set of Premium Beautiful corset, the agent always ask for your body measurement? As we all know, every woman has different body shape. VERY DIFFERENT.

So, to get the correct size for your Premium Beautiful corset. There's 4 measurements to measure :-

Measurement A : Bust
Measurement B : Underbust
Measurement C - Waist
Measurement D - Hips

All measurement must be in centimeter (CM). So here, I will explain to you how to get the correct size for your Premium Beautiful corset.

Premium Beautiful corset consists of  three (3) pieces : Long Bra, Waist Nipper and Long Girdle.

So, from your measurement A, B, C and D will determine what size for your Long Bra, Waist Nipper and Long Girdle.

Let's say your measurement as below:

Measurement A : 93cm
Measurement B : 82cm
Measurement C : 83cm
Measurement D : 106cm

Refer table below:

Step 1 : (Cup size)
Minus measurement A and B to get your cup size. 
93cm - 82cm 

Now refer column "ukur lilit bawah puncak dada" for 11cm fall under Cup C.

So your cup size is C.

Steps 2 : (Long Bra size)
Measurement A - 93cm, refer column "ukuran badan" for 93cm fall under 95

So your Long Bra size is 95C.

Steps 3 : (Waist Nipper size)
Measurement C - 83cm, refer column "ukuran pinggang" for 83cm fall under 82.

So your Waist Nipper size is 82.

Steps 4 : (Long Girdle size)
Measurement D - 106cm, refer column "ukuran punggung" for 106cm fall under 90.

So your Long Girdle size is 90.

Your correct full set Premium Beautiful corset size is :
Long Bra - 95C
Waist Nipper - 82
Long Girdle - 90

Our body content few type of 'fat' (lemak) - some had 'fat water' - his/her body had much water and flabby body part (lemak air), and some of us had 'saturated fat' - his/her body had much firm body (lemak tepu). That's why, bare in mind that the above size MAYBE your correct size based on your measurement that you did alone by yourself but when you wear it, the size might be slightly smaller or bigger than it should. That's why we preferred there's someone else to help you to get more accurate measurement or you can contact me to take your measurement.

Afterall, if you wanna make an investment, make sure its worth it!

Everyone want to look beautiful, 
Wear it to believe it!